Maria Dalayman

Maria Dalayman is a Cultural Entrepreneur, founder and CEO. As a trailblazing communication strategist, she has traversed various sectors; PR and advertising, Trade and Industry, Non Profit Organisations, Public bodies, Music and Culture. In 2006 she co-founded Good Company Artists with Katarina Dalayman and Thomas Sunnegårdh and since then has devoted all her time to introducing singers, conductors, directors and other artists to the international stage.

”I have been managing artists for nearly two decades, loving every moment. Looking forward, I intend to further develop the business and offer our artists even better service by digitising more operations. This is the path to the future.”

Maria is also founder and CEO at Stage.One, Agent.One and – a digital audition platform for singers, musicians and actors. Contact her on

Sophie Weinert is the Artist Coordinator. Assisting the executive management, handling artist schedules, intranet systems and social media are among her duties.

Alongside her work at Good Company, Sophie is also an active opera singer, educated at Stockholm Opera Studio, Birkagårdens Folkhögskola and Stockholm University of the Arts. She has performed for instance at Folkoperan, Opera på Skäret, Confidencen, Berwaldhallen and she has produced and sung at multiple ceremonies in churches, concert halls, feasts and festivals, opening ceremonies and company venues.

Additionally, Sophie has a Master of Science from KTH The Royal Institute of Technology and a business background from retail, fashion, manufacturing industries and headhunting / executive recruitment. Contact:

Angelica Walander

Angelica Walander, Economy Manager, provides financial support to the executive management of the company in their long term goals. Her expertise includes a BA in Business Management from London South Bank University/Företagsekonomiska Institutet, a graduation from IHM Business School Stockholm in sales, marketing, economy and project leading B2B and studies in accounting at Företagsekonomiska Institutet Stockholm. She is well-equipped to handle daily finance questions for the firm.

Katarina Dalayman

Katarina Dalayman, Artistic Advisor, has amassed a celebrated career as an opera singer since her inaugural performance at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm 1991, singing Sieglinde in Wagner’s Die Walküre. She has performed at renowned venues across the globe such as the Metropolitan Opera, Wien Staatsoper, Opéra Bastille in Paris, La Scala, Aix-en-Provence, and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Katarina mainly acts out dramatic roles and has a strong affinity for characters from Wagnerian operas.

As an artistic advisor for Good Company, her expertise from working on renowned opera stages around the globe and collaborating with countless talented creative teams is a great asset to our employees and performers.

Katarina is passionate about career development and vocal training for young artists. She offers her expertise to students from all over the world, coaching via internet and conducting master classes. To learn more about what she does, please contact

Thomas Sunnegårdh, Artistic Advisor is involved in all aspects of the company’s artistic endeavors and long-term strategy for its artists. He boasts an impressive background in music, having graduated from Stockholm’s Kungliga Musikhögskolan with advanced piano studies under Greta Erikson and a Master of Music degree. Additionally, he attended Operahögskolan in Stockholm before joining The Royal Opera Stockholm as a performer in 1982.

His career has taken him to renowned venues such as Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, London, Naples, Bordeaux, Toulouse San Francisco and Tokyo where he has put on memorable shows.

Lena Hellström-Färnlöf

Lena Hellström-Färnlöf, Artistic Advisor is currently employed at the Academy of Music and Opera at Mälardalens Universitet, where she has been the Artistic Director for the Chamber Music Program and Chamber Opera Education since 2011. As a vocal coach, she works with professionals singers and provides master classes across the globe. Her students have been featured in major Swedish opera houses and agencies. Lena also served as a teacher at the University College of Opera in Stockholm for many years.

In her role as Artistic Advisor for Good Company, Lena applies her expertise to recruitment as well as artist development processes such as auditions, casting recommendations, performances and concerts.

Her experience stems from her own educational background, having graduated with a musician and pedagogic specialisation from the University College of Music in Gothenburg as well as from the University College of Opera in Stockholm. With over 20 opera roles performed on various stages (including Adelé, Antonia, Blondchen, Frasquita, Madama Cortese and Proserpin), close to medieval to ultra-modern pieces included in her recital repertoire and roles representing Swedish music abroad with chamber music ensembles or orchestras & choir.

Paul Weiss is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing and software. His knowledge of digital transformation and corporate strategies has proved invaluable to the agency. Alongside Maria, he designs and integrates innovative digital tools to enhance efficiency and productivity; necessary for long-term sustainability. Together, they have founded Stage.One, a company that offers programs and services to empower artists and people working within the international performing arts industry.