Kaapo Ijas

For as long as he can remember, conductor Kaapo Ijas (*1988) has had an insatiable passion for music. Having initially started as a clarinettist, Ijas soon began composing music of his own, and over the intervening years he has written music in all manner of different genres and has performed with orchestras, bands and in the pits of many a theatre too.

Ijas’s diverse musical background shines through in the sheer breadth of his musical interests and the richness of ideas in the many concerts and productions he conducts. He has a particular affinity for the dramatic scope of opera, the seamless union of music and theatre, and the sense of community unique to large-scale productions. In addition to playing and composing, Ijas has always been interested in performance and the expressive arts too, and he thrives on the magic that group dynamics can bring about – in his own words, “the shared act of breathing art and music”.


Mendelssohn Symphony no 3

In rehearsal

3rd round of Cadaqués


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